Guangzhou Olee leather Co.,ltd

  1. 企业名称:Guangzhou Olee leather Co.,ltd
  2. 所在省份:Guangdong
  3. 所在地市:Guangzhou
  4. 所在区县:huadu district
  5. 所在行业:handbags
  6. 法人代表:Yang zhi ling
  7. 联系人员:Imy shi
  8. 手机号码:13642782741
  9. 单位电话:86-20-23355984
  10. 单位传真:86-20-86998948
  11. 注册资本:
  12. 员工人数:210
  13. 办公地址:Tianxin Road 3,shilling town, huadu district, guangzhou city,china
  14. 邮政编码:510800
  15. 网站网址:
  16. 补充说明:Guangzhou Olee leather Co.,ltd is a middle-scale fashion handbag manufacturer and was initially founded in 1996, with factories respectively located in Shiling Town Guanzhou. More than 200workers.eyce aims to attain complete combination of fashion and techniques, while seeking harmony of humanity and nature. Therefore, all main material with different coating finish and hardware accessories are of superb quality, We always keep a close watch on the trend of global leather industry and therefore our products are constantly in-novated and modified to adapt ever-changing taste and market needs.

“Style, Quality, Techniques and Price” is our principle. In order to satisfy cus-tomers’ needs, we feel obliged and committed to implementing production processes carefully and remain honest to the clients. These are objectives we never give up on pursuing. For the past ten years, we are honored to be reputed and ranked as the best service surplier by our customers. We are certain sa well that we will make consecutive ef-forts to expand our business scope and scale, and to innovate new techniques. Be-sides, we firmly believe that your comments will greatly drive us to make improve-ments. So all comments or suggestions will be welco

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